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Keith Anderson's "Record of Service"

I was able to get a copy of Anderson's "Record of Service" from the nice people at the AWM. We also know that Keith Anderson was born in Perth on the 6th of July 1898.

Anderson joined the Royal Flying Corps on the 11th of April 1917.

Before that in Cape Provincial Educational Office and was living at :
2 Wightown Villas, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa. (since discovered that there was most likely an address mistake..Should be 2 Wigtown Villas, Green Point, Cape Town). The 'H' on the Quirky keyboard is next to the 'G' and this may account for the mistake. Also, Google Maps shows an address matching Wigtown and the photo shows a brick house of the 1910's period that has had a upper floor added. 

At this point in time Anderson was 18 years old.
Keith Anderson was posted to 2 Offices Cadet Wing on the 11th on April 1917.

Keith Anderson was then posted to No. 2 School of Aeronautics on 27th of July.

Keith Anderson was appointed as 2nd Lt (on probation) R.F.C. on the 30th of August 1917.

His next posting was 89 sqn on 28th of September 1917.

Then he was promoted to Flying officer on the 14th of December 1917.

Keith Anderson was posted to 73 sqn in France on the 24th February 1918.(he would have been 19 years old by then and going to war).

Keith Anderson was Transfered as a Lieutanent to the newly formed Royal Air Force on the 1st of April 1918.

Anderson was posted to the "Home Establishment" on the 6th of April 1918.

Anderson found himself posted to No. 14 Training Depot on the 6th of June 1918.

Anderson was then posted to No. 1 Fighting School on the 10th of August 1918.

His posting was to the "Independant Force France" the 23rd of October 1918.

The Armistice came into affect on the 11th of  November 1918 which affectivly ment that Anderson didn't have a job anymore.

Anderson was then posted to No. 32 Training Depot Station on the 5th of December 1918.

Anderson was then posted to No. 2 Training Depot Station on the 5th of February 1919.

Anderson's next posting was to the Repatriation Camp, Blandford on the 5th of May 1919.

Anderson then finds himself transfered to the "Unemployed List" on the 6th of October 1919 aged 21.

Lt. Keith Vincent Anderson Relinquished his Commission on the 1st of September 1921. He was permitted to retain his rank.

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