Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keith Anderson Diary & Photos - Permission Sally Douglas

The Keith Anderson Diary photo is Eric's as is the Aboriginal trackers (I'm fairly sure) - Eric was the only one in the RAAF party with a camera but he had to hand in his negatives to the RAAF. The Hitchcock and Anderson photo was sent by Milton Kent for my father to copy - Eric may have done the print himself - I do remember him developing his own photos
I'm happy for you to use these on the blog


Diary -
"Page 1.
Diary 10/4/29 to  /4/29.
Forced landed here 2.35 p.m. 10th April, 1929, thru push rod loosening No 2 cylinder cutting out x (x as at Algebuckna a.m. 9/4/1929 but temporarily fixed K.V.A. exhaust valve and 25h.p. Cleared bit of a runway here which turned out insufficient or engine coincidentally lost power. Since 12/4/29 all efforts of course next to nil thru having no water to drink except solutions of urine with oil, petrol  methylated from compass.
Directed on obtaining sufficient power from engine to point of successful take off.
No take off able to be attempted since 11/4/29 due to increased debilitation, thirst, heat, dust, flies. Left Stuart (Alice Springs) 7.15 a.m. local time and followed telegraph for 100 miles.
Page 2.
which was intention. Cut off then direct for point between Wave Hill and Ord River Downs. On a/c. cross wind and inaccurate compass and having practically only sun for guidance as large map showed only featureless desert determined to above on norrard of course which am sure have done as was in the air 7 hours. 7 a.m. Pretty confident had duckpond on my starboard. I figure the position to be".

Eric wrote this in long hand and also had it typed and now I've word-processed it . The diary is in the WA Museum and I viewed it a few years ago - they hadn't had it out of storage for about 30 years and when I was there they decided to make a storage box for it - I had to go to their storage depot out of Perth. It was a sobering and mindful moment for me to view the Diary.

Bobby Hitchcock and Keith Anderson in front of the Kookaburra 
(Possibly taken just before leaving at Richmond NSW)

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