Sunday, January 30, 2011

How did i find out about Keith Anderson

Well  I bet you are wondering how I know about Keith Anderson.
About a year ago my dad (who is a retired RAAF veteran of the Gulf War) was listening to an interview with Peter Fitzsimons about the new book "Charles Kingsford Smith". They were having a competition for a copy of the book and anyone who could answer the question "What beach was Charles Kingsford Smith rescued from on the 2nd of January 1907?" would win a copy. Dad knew the answer. Now you all probably listen to the radio and hear questions and you know the answer but you don't bother calling, well that's what my dad did. After dad had dropped me and my brother at school he got home and turned on the radio and still no one had called in and answered so my dad for the first time picked up the phone and called in. He got through to them and answered the the question CORRECTLY!! (by the way the answer is the famous Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW..Kingsford Smith was noted as being the first person saved by using a life saving rope mounted on a beach based drum in Australia) and got the book signed personally by Peter Fitzsimons. A few days later, my brother and myself got home from school and dad was flicking through a book that he said he had won. We all sat down reading it and in the book the author had references to Keith Anderson which dad drew my attention to.

I was amazed to hear some of Keith Anderson's adventures and wanted to learn more about this Australian hero who contributed so much to our early history.  

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