Friday, February 4, 2011

Looking for information

I had a look at the internet for Keith Andersons WW1 history. He served with 73 sqn Royal Flying Core and managed to shoot down 6 enemy planes making him an Ace before returning to England then Australia. I looked up Peter Fitzsimons video to Mossman Library were he spoke about Keith Anderson and revieled his resting place at Rawson Park in Mossman. We intend to visit his grave this Sunday (the day after tommorow) to discover more about his life. I wrote to Dick Smith as he has visited the "Kookaburra" crash site. I have also written to Peter Fitzsimons to try and find out more about Keith Anderson's fience Bon Hilliard. News Paper articles from 1929 revieled that Keith Anderson's funeral was massive and over 35 000 people lined the streets to his resting place. This alone proves that Lt Keith Anderson was indeed a national hero.

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