Sunday, February 13, 2011

We found Keith Anderson's grave

We downloaded images of Rawson Park, Mossman, loaded the car with a picnic and plugged the GPS in for Mossman. Along the way we drove past 68 Yoe St, where Kingsford Smith grew up. Unfortunaly this address is now Woolworth Supermarket. We parked near the Croquet Club on the north side of Rawson Park and  climbed the stairs in search of Keith Anderson.

We came across the Cricket oval and then Govenour Maquarie's carne and then a big stone cross further to the east. We were excited to find a plaque at the bass of the cross marking Keith Anderson's final resting place. There are no other graves at this location and the surrounding park is amazing. We sat down near the grave under a tree and thought about Keith Anderson's life while reading parts of Peter Fitzsimons' book " Kingsford Smith".

This trip was so worth the effort, made easier by the research we did before going there.

We need to explore more information about K A's life, his fience, and the reasons for him going to rescue Kingsford Smith in an unprepared aircraft.

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