Friday, February 11, 2011

Our vist to Keith Anderson

Some clues along the way. Google searches of Keith Anderson lead me to discovering the location of his remains. After Keith Anderson was found in the Tanami Desert (18DegS Lat, 137DegE Long) the Gouvernment was forced to recover the bodies of Keith Anderson and his mechanic Henry (Bobby) Hitchcock. Bobby Hitchcock's body was sent to Perth and Keith Anderson's back to Sydney. In my readings of the newspapers from the day Keith Anderson's funeral was amazing with 35,000 people lining the streets to his resting place, Rawson Park, Mossman. This man must have been a real legend in Australian history to atract this much attention in 1929. This is further evidence of  Keith Anderson's hero status. A search on Google Earth located Rawson Park in Mossman which showed a number of possible locations of Keith Anderson's grave. After speacking about it with my family we decided to take a day trip in attemp to find his grave with the addresses we had found.

I also discovered that Charles Kingsford Smith grew up at 68 Yeo St, Mossman which is just around the courner from Rawson Park where Keith Anderson is burried.

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